Explore the Best of Zipolite

Located in the coast of Oaxaca, between Huatulco and Puerto Escondido, Zipolite is a tourist community characterized by its quiet, laid-back, adventurous air. In Zipolite you won’t find major tourism projects nor big chain restaurants. Here tourist infrastructure is made out of intimate boutique type hotels, friendly and warm with personalized service that cannot be compared to the one offered in the big hotel chains.

Zipolite is the perfect place for total relaxation and enjoying a good book while sun bathing or receiving a massage before having an excellent meal accompanied by the sound of the waves…enjoy!


El Alquimista Yoga Spa is in a protected cove at the end of the open ocean beach of Zipolite where the wave break is perfect for the local surfers to enjoy as well as the spectators watching from the beach. You can rent a boogie board and partake in the fun. Snorkeling and boat tours are other activities you can enjoy.


Although the entire beach is nudist, sun bathers prefer the privacy that the cove at the end of the long beach provides. Nudity is not obligatory, but disrespectful onlookers are not welcome and an attitude of respect and discretion is upheld by the locals and visitors.